Climate Change and Adaption (CCA)

Highlights 2017
12000 community members were reached to enhance the resilience of most at risk groups to the recurring and escalating disaster risks by advancing the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) institutionalization process 200 trained Community Volunteers are now ready for immediate response in any disaster crisis in Dhaka South City Corporation.

Brief on Project under CCA

1.Strengthening Urban Resilience through enhanced preparedness and evidence based advocacy for improved multi-level co-ordination mechanisms in Bangladesh

PSTC is implementing the ‘Strengthening urban resilience through enhanced preparedness and evidence based advocacy for improved multi-level co-ordination mechanisms in Bangladesh’ with the support of Plan Bangladesh since July 2017. The aim of the project is to increase institutional capacity to operationalize inclusive policy, frameworks and planning which minimize urban disaster risks particularly earthquake and fire. PSTC works holistically to improve the existing risk reduction mechanisms of communities, institutions and critical infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and the private sector. This project is working on creating evidence to advocate for increased efficiency of government implementation, local level community bodies such as the Ward Disaster Management Committee (WDMC), Community volunteers, women and child groups. It is a consortium project jointly with Save the Children Bangladesh. The project financed by European Commission – Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations – ECHO. During the reporting year, four ward disaster management committees have been formed under this project and the committees are ready now to play a key role at the ward level to face any disaster. One of the goals of this project is to prepare the hospital to response for any disaster. Many hospitals have no experience in the management of large casualties at the local level. Initially, Mugda General College and Hospital and Manowara Orthopedic and General Hospital are being prepared to face earthquake in the project area. Children will be more damaged in a big earthquake. 4 schools have been selected for this purpose through the project to inform the children about the risk of earthquake and to take necessary management. All the 4 related schools have been informed about the earthquake and how to deal with it. This Dhaka city is home to 20 million people. Experienced volunteers need to deal with any disaster. With the help of Ward Disaster Management Committee from the 4 wards of the project, a total of 200 people have been selected as city volunteers. Fire Service and Civil Defense has provided 2 days basic training of these selected 200 city volunteers and equipped them with basic firefighting kits.