PSTC has been implementing NGO Health Service Delivery Project (NHSDP) later on known as Advancing Universal Health Coverage (AUHC) since October 2014 with the goal to become technically and managerially self-sufficient in the provision of essential health services with the support from NHSDP/ USAID and UKAID. During the reporting period the project continued ESP services through the ongoing static clinics and satellite clinics and CSPs by maintaining coverage and uptake, quality, equity and institutional strengthening as per the instruction and suggestion of the donor agency. PSTC has been providing services through 24 SurjerHashi Clinics and 346 Satellite Clinics in 13 wards of Dhaka South and North City Corporation & One peri urban Badda and 6 municipalities (Bhairab, Kishoreganj, Narsingdi, B. Baria, Siddirgonj under Narayanganj and Madhobdi) and 3 upzilas (Belabo, Monohordi and Raipura) under Narsingdi district.

In the reporting period 12,29,080 services were provided among  6,86,484 number of Customer of which 2,01,597 services were free of charge and 3,30,438 services were partially free of charge.