PSTC has been implementing UPHCP in Dhaka City Corporation, in collaboration with the Government of Bangladesh since June 2000. This private-multi-sector partnership came about through the initiative and support of the ADB. The objective of UPHCP is to improve the health of the urban poor and reduce preventable mortality and morbidity especially among women and children in the project area. To achieve this objective, 6 Primary Health Care Centers (PHCC) and a Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care Center (CRHCC) were established, in Zone –4 of DCC covering 6 wards. Each PHCC serves a population of around 50,000 and the CRHCC provides reproductive and Emergency Obstetric Care (EOC) services. Under this project, all primary health care components of Essential Services Package (ESP) have been incorporated.


In 2010, PSTC had 530,654 service contacts through its UPHCP, among which 135,178 contacts were for child health, 39780 for Reproductive Health, 14,657 in FP services, 12,786 in CDD, 176,892 in LCC and . In total, 276,348 customers received services during the reporting period. The total contacts included 1, 458, 84 poor services.