PSTC training complex was established in 2010 on the 02 acres of land in Gazipur. The aim was to establish a
development institution which will contribute to enhance the management capability of PSTC’s different level staff
and offer similar services to other organizations working in the development sector. The Gazipur complex is situated inside the Bhawal forest, a calm and quiet place. The complex has 2 training halls with a capacity of 200 participants and one classroom with a capacity of 40 participants. For residential training the complex has overnight accommodation for 62 participants, and dining facilities. This training complex is open for all
national and international development organizations for conducting their own training programs in this venue by
hiring the facilities. During this report period, different projects of PSTC and national and international development organizations conducted training in this venue by hiring the facility. Among them BCCP, CARE Bangladesh, UBR Alliance, ActionAid, Practical Action, NHSDP/ Pathfinder used this facility for their respective programs.
PSTC also has excellent training facilities with conference hall, well-equipped training rooms, meeting rooms,
canteen facility, multimedia, computer (both desktop and laptop) and other necessary accessories like photocopy,
board, pointer and all materials at Niketon. Since its inception, one of PSTC’s major focus was on providing training. The institute has experiences in implementing different types of training programs to build capacity of different stakeholders including PSTC’s staffs. A team of skilled and experienced individuals develop various type of curriculum as per the need.

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Cell: 01712184748