Area’s of Expertise

Implementing clinic and community based health service delivery projects in urban and rural areas with special focus on mothers, children, adolescents and youth.

Implementing children and adolescents development activities including child labor, street children and working women. Implementing water supply, sanitation and hygiene education programs for women, children & disadvantaged people.

Establishing and strengthening GOB-NGO private sector collaboration and coordination and carrying out advocacy programs at different level. Conducting Research Studies / Base Line Survey / Market Research on different social issues.

Conducting Life skill Training, Skill Development Training, Income Generating Training.

Conducting training need assessment and training impact evaluation, developing training curricula and imparting training to different level of service providers.

Providing technical assistance for grants management, community resource mobilization, project implementation and sustainability efforts of NGOs. Promoting health and human rights in GOB, NGO sector and at Community level.

Publish monthly magazine “PROJANMO Kotha”, and producing BCC materials.

Implementing program and providing training on Disaster Preparedness and Management.

Performing Street Drama, Folksongs and Cultural Show etc. as part of BCC activities.

Project to program

  • Community Capacity Building through 5R Approach
  • Relation development with community
  • Root level organization development
  • Resource center development
  • Resource person development
  • Right based communication
  • Child Centered Community Development Approach (CCCDA)

Participation of Community People in the project development and implementation process to be responsive to the community needs.

  • Piloting, experience sharing- replicating
  • Cost sharing/ community contribution
  • Sustainability-Institutional and Program

Our Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of PSTC programs are mainly the disadvantaged people of all walks of life. Primarily, women & girls, children and youth & adolescents. We do have different project and programs targeted to special segment of population, namely, pregnant mothers, young people, men & boys, vulnerable populations like, slum dwellers, brothel based sex workers, etc.

As PSTC is also having training center and training complex, through organizing, hosting and imparting training for different stakeholders and it ranges from govt. NGO workers to Managers.

PSTC does publish a monthly bi-lingual newsletter on population and health known as ‘Projanmo Kotha’, through Projanmo, we have wide readers’ community.