New Initiative

PSTC is planning to build PSTC Tower at its own plot in Aftabnagar. The plan for the 10-storied building has been finalized and construction, after demolishing the existing 3-storied building, will start as soon as funds are available. This will reduce th operating cost of the organization and will be one step forward in gaining sustainability.

PSTC is mandated to provide training for enhancing knowledge and skills of its supported and other NGO leaders, managers and staff in a better and efficient way. In this circumstances PSTC Management introduce a new section named Training, Research & Consulting Enterprise (Trace) for covering training to the Program Managers, Medical Officers, Paramedics, Accountants, Office Managers, Community Volunteers, NGO Leaders, Field Workers, Village Organizers, Counselors, Service Promoters and other segment of people.